Zero Fat Collagen


For Furry Friends Zero Fat Collagen (Marine Collagen) provides pure natural fish collagen peptides freshly extracted from premium sea bass scale.

Pets loved the taste and smell, a healthy food topping not to be missed!


  • Improve skin & fur health
  • Nourishes joint, bone, ligaments & cartilage
  • Hasten wound recovery
  • Stronger teeth

High absorption rate with zero fats . Regular intake helps regain healthy skin, smooth fur and build stronger bones.

Ingredients: Water, Fish Scale, Cabbage, Apple Cider Vinegar

Volume: 75ml

Direction for use:

  • Keep refrigerated after opening
  • Consume as soon as possible after opening
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens above 6 months old
  • See bottle base for best before date
  • Serve as topping with meals
 Small pet >5kg 1/3 bottle per serving
Medium pet >10kg 1/2 bottle per serving
Large pet >25kg 1 bottle per serving



  • For pets who are pregnant, breastfeeding, under medication or having other disease, please consult a vet before consuming the product.
  • Please do not consume if the product is broken, leaking, or bulge/swollen.
  • Not suitable for pets with allergy towards above ingredients.

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