How It All Started

Our passion to give our children and furkids a safe environment is what drove us to create For Furry Friends in 2017.

During a vacation in Japan, we realized that the pet owners there have stopped using chemical-based products for their pets. This started us on a fervent hunt for alternative solutions and technological innovations that can help us resolve common pet skincare problems without the use of chemical and alcohol.

After numerous trial testing of different methods, technological solutions, we were finally able to develop our very first product: the Pet’s Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S).

P.A.W.S became an instant hit within Singapore’s pet owners communities in 2020 especially during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period.

Overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials started pouring in. Groomers, retailers and especially pet owners raved about how P.A.W.S not only helped them solve the pet’s skin problems (e.g. rashes, hot spots, bacterial and yeast infections), it was also very easy to use. Beyond treating skin conditions, they saw that P.A.W.S is also a safe and effective way to remove dirt, tough stains and odour.

We are proud to say that P.A.W.S is now trusted by both groomers as well as over 3000 satisfied pet owners. It is also easily available for purchase at more than 70 local pet shops and online market places.

We aim to provide safe and affordable pet care products for all our furry friends with unrivaled quality.

We wish to remain a thought leader in this pet care industry by constantly innovating and pushing our creative boundaries.

We also strongly believe in giving back to society through our unwavering support for our local animal adoptions drives by actively participating in volunteering works, sponsorship and corporate donations.